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RF-W600 Automatic Sachet Packing Machine




Full-automatic packing machine。 It’s suitable for filling all kinds of powder and granule。 Match with Reafine’s other equipment to achieve automatic production line: feeding, dosing, filling, hot sealing, code printing, boxing, stacking, etc。



* Traction structure use servo motor, which enable high accuracy in terms of positioning, and it’s easy to adjust.

* Transverse sealing is complete by servo motor, the pressure and distance of stretch are adjustable anytime to keep the sealing mouth airproof.

* Equipped with blowing nitrogen gas and exhaust gas device.

* The filling head can be swapped to fit different materials.


Technical parameter

* Model:RF-W600

快三投注平台* Packing speed:20—80bags/min

* Bag size:W70-250mm  L100-320mm

* Total dimensions: 1400*1200*2600mm



Its suitable for filling all kinds of powder and granular materials, match other device with our product line to achieve to complete and intelligent producing.






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